Aerial / Drone Relaxation Films Shot in 4K

Aerial / Drone Relaxation Films Shot in 4K

An expanding collection of beautiful aerial relaxation films produced by David Huting in 4K. For Downloads/DVD/Licensing visit

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Aerial / Drone Relaxation Films Shot in 4K
  • Coastal Windmills 30 Min Dynamic Aerial Film

    "Coastal Windmills Relaxation" is a 30 minute dynamic aerial relaxation film paired with calming ambient music which takes viewers to 2 different beautiful South Australia Wind Farms. Special thanks to Cast Adrift productions for filming & editing as well as music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Fil...

  • Timeless Mastered 4K Nature Relaxation Aerial Video-HD

    "Timeless" is a short aerial Nature Relaxation journey above one of California's most timeless destinations: McWay Falls, along the Big Sur Coast. Featuring music by Ean Productions, song called "Timeless."

  • Nature Relaxation Journey 4: Amazing Planet Earth (Music Only)

    An exceptionally relaxing and wonder-filled continuation of the Nature Relaxation Journey series, Part IV sweeps viewers to places like Alaska, Norway, Maui, Mallorca & Canary Islands, Fiji, Iguazu Falls, New Zealand, Antigua, and Australia - paired with newly scored ambient music by The Cynic Pr...

  • Ocean of Peace: Australia by Drone 7 MIN Dynamic Film with Music

    The first of a new collaboration between Nature Relaxation Films and Cast Adrift Productions, "Ocean of Peace" sweeps viewers on a visually stunning & immensely soothing aerial voyage over The Granites Beach in South Australia - paired with music and ambient nature sounds.

  • Sunset over the Mission Bay - 8 Minute Drone Video w/ Music

    Relax and enjoy the amazing sights of a golden coastal sunset as seen over San Diego's Mission Bay / Beach last night, August 17th, 2017 on my new DJI Inspire2 X5S drone. Beginning just before sunset, you'll enjoy a vibrant and detail-packed view of the exit from Mission Bay out to the Pacific Oc...

  • Above the Spanish Isles (Chillout Music Version) Mallorca & Canary Islands w Music

    [Full Description coming soon] The first of a new series of collaborations between cinematographer Stefan Zimmerman and David Huting, "Above the Spanish Islands" sweeps viewers on an inspirational, beauty-filled aerial voyage over the wonders of Mallorca & The Canary Islands - synchronized to som...

  • TAHITI Journey 1 HR Dynamic Nature Relaxation with Music

    Take a relaxing journey to the magical tropical islands of French Polynesia and Fiji with this ultra high definition signature dynamic nature film featuring a plethora of amazing scenes from paradise. "Journey to Tahiti" begins atop the crystal lagoons and then into the deep sea, where viewers wi...

  • Flying at Torrey Pines Gliderport - Short Upbeat Film / Behind the Scenes Video

    A short aerial flight over Torrey Pines Gliderport with a new drone, synced to "Truth" by Shallou, offering a fun display of cinematic shots captured in 4K UHD. Location: favorite place in San Diego: The Gliderport at Blacks Beach / Torrey Pines. For the full YoutTube Demo video with Flight Mode...

  • Above the Bay 5 MIN Aerial Film +Music - San Diego

    A relaxing aerial voyage above San Diego's spectacular Mission Bay, seen at sunset. Paired with music by Travis Revell, and filmed on the new Inspire1 Drone.

  • I Can See the Light Above the Clouds (Remastered) 5 Minute Music Video

    Sail above your cares and worries for a full 5 minutes of pure unrestricted relaxation bliss, with this surreal video shot above the clouds by David Huting, paired with "I Can See the Light" by Travis Revell.

  • Flying Over England: The Cornwall Coast 4K 20 Minute Aerial/Drone Film + Music

    Soar over the rugged and historic landscape of England's Cornwall Coast for nearly 20 minutes of pure relaxation bliss with "Flying Over England." Filmed by new collaborators The Travel Cubs and paired with new healing 432HZ ambient music by contributor Frantz Amathy, the film also contains ambie...

  • Alps & Dolomites 5 Minute Nature Relaxation Teaser 4K

    Relax and soar over the majestic Alps of Switzerland and Dolomites of Italy in this heavenly Nature Relaxation short aerial ambient film in 4K UHD. Paired to a brand new spacious ambient score by the Cynic Project, this majestic 5 minute video offers viewers a short yet soothing escape to two of...