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Australia Nature Relaxation Films

Australia Nature Relaxation Films

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Australia Nature Relaxation Films
  • Palm Vista 1HR Static Scene in 4K - Hamilton Island, Australia

    Instantly transport yourself to a beachfront cabana looking skyward at a set of super healthy palm trees gently blowing in the wind with this 1 hour static scene in 4K UHD. Filmed on Hamilton Island, Australia, it offers a soothing screensaver-type experience, complete with the gentle sounds of w...

  • Hamilton Island Palms Australia 1 Hour Static Scene in 4K

    Relax and soak up the tropical breeze with this stunning palm & coastal vista from the famous Hamilton Island, Australia. Sunlight flickers through the fronds and the waves roll in onto the distant beach, make for an ultra relaxing static scene complete with stereo nature sounds.

  • Sydney Sunrise Relaxation 15 Min Dynamic Nature Film w Music

    Relax for 15 minutes & enjoy the breathtaking sights & sounds of sunrise and early morning from Sydney, Australia's famous harbour, including the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the Northern Beaches. Beginning at sunrise, you'll slowly work your way to the Rocks area, which offers amazing views ...

  • South Australia Seas 1HR Dynamic Drone Film +Music

    The newest collaboration between David Huting and Cast Adrift Productions, "South Australian Seas" transports viewers to the remote and gorgeous southern coasts of Australia as captured from above. For one full hour, you'll be gently transported from one vibrant ocean scene to the next paired wit...

  • Coastal Windmills 30 Min Dynamic Aerial Film

    "Coastal Windmills Relaxation" is a 30 minute dynamic aerial relaxation film paired with calming ambient music which takes viewers to 2 different beautiful South Australia Wind Farms. Special thanks to Cast Adrift productions for filming & editing as well as music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Fil...

  • Calming Beach Walk (+Music) Australia 12 MIN Film

    A relaxing 12-minute "virtual" coastal walk along the secluded, beautiful Long Beach on Australia's South Coast - paired with ocean sounds and music by new contributor Karl Ölluk. CREDITS:
    Filmed by Des Manning in 4K UHD
    Produced by David Huting
    Location: Long Beach, Kingston, South Australia

  • Ocean of Peace: Australia by Drone 7 MIN Dynamic Film with Music

    The first of a new collaboration between Nature Relaxation Films and Cast Adrift Productions, "Ocean of Peace" sweeps viewers on a visually stunning & immensely soothing aerial voyage over The Granites Beach in South Australia - paired with music and ambient nature sounds.