Nature Relaxation Shorts (Under 15 Min)

Nature Relaxation Shorts (Under 15 Min)

Access all of the Nature Relaxation music videos that are under 15 minutes, perfect for short relaxation sessions.

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Nature Relaxation Shorts (Under 15 Min)
  • Heaven in a Wildflower 4 Minute Music Video

    Be inspired by the simple sights and sounds of coastal wildflowers dancing in the beauty of 4K, while listening to the latest ambient masterpiece by Darshan Ambient, entitled "Heaven in a Wildflower." Filmed along California's coastal highway 1 near Big Sur by David Huting on the Canon 1-DC.

  • Heavenly San Diego Sunrise 5 Min Music Video

    Sit back and relax for a few minutes and let the heavenly splendors of the rising Sun enlighten your senses with this 4K UHD time-lapse video. Perfect for when you need to "restart" your day or as a pairing with that morning cup of coffee to get you that inspiration that only Nature can provide f...

  • I Can See the Light Above the Clouds (Remastered) 5 Minute Music Video

    Sail above your cares and worries for a full 5 minutes of pure unrestricted relaxation bliss, with this surreal video shot above the clouds by David Huting, paired with "I Can See the Light" by Travis Revell.

  • "I Can See the Light" of Nature 3 MIN Music Video

    Let the light and beauty of nature and sun shine peace into your heart with this 4K ultra high definition video experience from California's iconic Big Sur coastal wilderness. Master musical composer Travis Revell contributes a custom musical score, which when combined with the world-class visual...

  • Kindred Spirit of Yosemite 8 Minute Music Nature Video

    Let the Majesty of Yosemite's sacred waterfalls simultaneously rejuvenate your senses and wash away all of your cares & worries with this 4K UHD Nature Relaxation™ video by David Huting. Synchronized to a masterfully produced ambient score called "Kindred Spirit" by Dueter, the invigorating journ...

  • "Rocky Mountain Majesty" 8 Minute Music Relaxation Video

    Transport your senses to the majestic autumn mountains of the Canadian Rockies and relax as Nature unveils herself in scene after glorious scene, with this brand new Nature Relaxation video synchronized with healing Reiki music by Parijat.

  • Never Stop Exploring - Short Uplifting Nature Video

    Captivate your senses and reignite your inspiration for travel with this exciting short travel film by David Huting. Combining spectacular HD video footage from his travels to iconic & exotic locations around the world with the world class music by Travis Revell, this video will leave you invigor...

  • Journey to Peace: Rebirth in Yosemite Falls 8 Min Music Video

    Take 8 minutes and prepare to embark on a soothing yet invigorating high definition journey to the magnificent and rejuvenating Yosemite Falls. Once you've slowly reached the top, you'll be washed of all of your cares and worries as you're flown gracefully over the falls and into the mysteriousl...

  • Reflections 2 Minute Music + Nature Video

    Reflect fpr a few minutes on the beauty and healing qualities of Nature -especially water - with this spectacular short Nature Relaxation video filmed in King's Canyon National Park. Produced by David Huting with music by Travis Revell

  • Return to Sea 2 Minute Nature Music Video

    Take a few minutes and let your thoughts, concerns and worries return to the sea, allowing you to completely relax to the soothing sights of a cool yet golden sunset as seen from San Francisco's Baker Beach. The incredibly relaxing song is called "Lily White" by Travis Revell.

  • Waterfalls of the West 1080p 10 Minute Video w/ Music

    Over two years and multiple near-death encounters went into creating this new video featuring some of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls hidden around North America's West. Prepare your senses for a high definition, visually stunning journey to each through the lens of David Huting, accomp...

  • A Deeper Blue 7 Min Music + Nature Relaxation Video

    Award winning ambient composer Darshan Ambient and video producer David Huting combine in this stunning High Definition Nature Video showcasing the crystal-clear turquoise blue lakes of the Canadian Rockies, paired to the perfectly fitting song "A Deeper Blue."

  • Moon and Earth 6 Minute Short Music + Nature Video

    ABOUT: Let the soothing sounds of Deuter assist in lifting you from your worries and embark on a visual journey to places like the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite, Seqouia, and the crystal blue lakes of Banff National Park as filmed by David Huting on the Canon 1DC. | MUSIC INFO: This album is one of D...

  • Nature Relaxation Teaser Video

    "There is no limit to a man's happiness if he opens is eyes to the wonders of the world around him" - Start immersing yourself in the wonders of Nature today with Streaming Nature Videos from David Huting! Learn more & start your free trial at