STATIC (Fixed Angle) Nature Scenes

STATIC (Fixed Angle) Nature Scenes

Enjoy over 40 different feature length Nature Relaxation videos which present a fixed camera angle throughout their duration, allowing for complete immersion into the scene. Great for turning your screen into a moving piece of artwork or for meditation, each video contains only the pure natures sounds - no music.

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STATIC (Fixed Angle) Nature Scenes
  • Turquoise Mountain Lake (no music) 1 Hr Static Nature Relaxation HD

    Transform any screen into an ultra high definition window to the famous mountains of Patagonia, with this fixed-angle Nature Relaxation™ video filmed at the base of Mount Fitz Roy, on the border of Argentina and Chile. Enjoy the sound of peaceful small waves lapsing on shore as you watch the sun ...

  • Golden Waves Crashing at Sunset 1 Hr Nature Relaxation 1080p

  • Torrey Pines Sunset La Jolla 30 Minute Static Video

    Enjoy a spectacular sunset as recorded on Janurary 12th, 2015 from Black's Beach overlook, right next to the Torrey Pines coast in La Jolla, San Diego. Perfect for ambiance and meditation, the camera angle remains fixed the entire duration of the video - allowing you to absorb yourself in the be...

  • Calming Lagoon Shore 1 Hr 4K Nature Relaxation

    Transform any TV or digital screen into a tranquil tropical window to the Caribbean islands with this colorful and extremely relaxing static 1-hour scene from Antigua. A perfect seashell sits on a white sandy beach as gentle lagoon waves lapse on shore, and the tropical breeze blows the green pla...

  • Yellow Aspen Forest 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation

    A perfect fall screensaver, this 1-hour long video featuring the beautiful dancing golden aspens from King's Canyon national park in fall. The scene is static, for a more grounding effect which if played on REPEATONE can be looped indefinitely.

  • Patagonian Mountain Vista 1 HR Mastered 4K

    Specifically designed for playback in "virtual-window" settings, this ultra high definition 4K Nature Relaxation™ static nature video features the real-time sights & sounds of the incredible view of Patagonia's Mount Fitz Roy. You'll hear ice breaking, and watch as over 10 glacial waterfalls pour...

  • Naturescapes 6 HOUR Dynamic Nature Film -24 Scenes

    A continuation of the "Living Landscapes" series, NATURESCAPES is a 6-hour long ultra relaxing pure nature immersion featuring 24 different new static nature scenes filmed in the world's most beautiful locations in 4k UHD. One Hour long version coming next!

  • Golden Coastal Sunset 1HR Static Nature Scene - 4K

    Add the golden glow and healing wave & bird sounds from one of California's purest natural destinations with this 1 hour-long static 4K UHD video. Perfect for transforming any digital screen or TV into a window to Big Sur. It's like a living piece of artwork - adds interest and ambiance designed ...

  • Ruby Beach Sunset - 1 HR Static Nature Video

    The newest edition to the soon-to-be expansive collection of endless HD nature scenes, designed to be the perfect Video Screensaver for any TV screen or computer/device. This video showcases a golden sun setting and waves breaking on the beautiful Ruby Beach, in the OP of Washington.

  • Dazzling Blue Lakeshore (+Music) 1 HR Static New Zealand Video - Lake Pukaki

    "Dazzling Blue Lakeshore" is a real-time 1 hour static 4K ultra high definition nature scene from New Zealand's Lake Pukaki. Nature Relaxation™ collaborator John Light (Zenergy Music™) created a new meditational song called "BLUE SPHERES MEDITATION", and I found that it perfectly suit this fixed-...

  • Redwood Forest Rain 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Scene

    Turn your TV into a rejuvenating, refreshing window to Nature with this 1 hour loop of falling rain, filmed in Mount Rainier National Park.

  • Glistening Island Beach Nature Relaxation 1 HR 4K Static Film

    An instant classic and perfect scene for mental escape, "Glistening Island Beach" places viewers underneath a big beautiful palm tree facing a perfect white sandy beach, glistening blue sea, sunshine, and the small boat you arrived in. Filmed in 4K Ultra High Definition on the hidden [and now pri...

  • Perfect Caribbean Beach | 1 HR Static Antigua Beach Scene

    For one full hour, you'll enjoy the immensely relaxing sights of white sand, blue waves, and puffy white clouds passing with this perfect idyllic beach scene captured on the Caribbean Island of Antigua in 4K UHD. The sounds combine with the visuals to create the perfect screensaver / virtual wind...

  • Tranquil Canyon River 4K 1 Hour Static Video

    A gentle virgin river flows south through the beautiful valley of Zion National Park with this 1-hour long static angle 4K Nature Relaxation scene.

  • Redwood Forest Pine | 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Video

    A unique abstract forest shot of a pine bough with a fallen redwood in the background, paired with ambient forest sounds shot on-location in Big Sur.

  • Dawn in Antigua 30 Min Static Sunrise from the Caribbean 4K

    Start your morning with this extremely soothing and ultra high-definition dawn scene from the hidden Caribbean island of Antigua, on it's gorgeous south eastern side. The 30 minute scene includes the natural sounds of cicadas, birds, waves and tropical winds, paired with real-time video that show...

  • Zen garden pond 4k Nature Relaxation

    Transform any TV screen into a calming, beautiful Zen garden with occasional Koi fish, falling leaves, and the sights & sounds of a trickling small waterfall with this 1-hour long static 4K Nature Relaxation video from some beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens.

  • Glistening Autumn Stream 1HR Static Nature Relaxation 4K

    Relax for a full hour and tranform your screen into a glistening golden window to a hidden canyon creek in the forests of King's Canyon National Park, California.

  • Morning Sun Hitting Yosemite Falls 30 Min Static Video

    Watch as the morning sunlight slowly casts its golden light onto the majestic Upper Yosemite Falls, with this 4K ultra high definition real-time nature video featuring stereo sounds captured along the falls trail. It's perfect for meditating or for transforming your TV into a window to one of No...

  • Living Landscapes (w Music) 4 HR Nature Relaxation Video

    (music version) "Living Landscapes" is a 4-hour long, flowing Nature Relaxation™ video containing 12 different gorgeous static nature scenes from around the world. Art meets function with this video designed to add an beauty & style to any room, while at the same time providing the benefits which...

  • King River Cascades 1 HR Static Nature Video

    Transform your 4K or 1080p HD screen into a window to a flowing mountain paradise along the crystal blue King River, in this scene captured in Kings Canyon National Park, California. Available in lengths of 30 or 60 minutes - perfect as an ambient background screensaver / transforming your TV int...

  • Zen River 1 HR Static Nature Scene Shot in 4K

    Transform any digital screen into a zen-inducing, crystal clear forest canyon river with this fixed-angle ultra high definition Nature Relaxation video by David Huting. Filmed in King's Canyon national park, the scene has many layers of dancing elements: swirling waters, leaves dropping, shadows ...

  • Sparkling Patagonia Waves 1 HR Static Nature Scene

    Transform any digital screen into a cool, refreshing window to the glacial lakeshore of Patagonia's Torres Del Paine National Park, in Chile - all without having to fly 20+ hours, then backpack 20+miles. Featuring stereo nature sounds and 4K ultra high definition quality, this immersive video is ...

  • Patagonia Mountain River 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Video

    Add the pristine beauty of a crystal clear glacier-fed river in Patagonia to your immediate environment with this 1-hour long static angle scene from Patagonia's Mount Fitz Roy, in Argentina. The sunlight slowly dances in a trance-inducing display, perfect for leaving on for hours at a time as a ...