STATIC (Fixed Angle) Nature Scenes

STATIC (Fixed Angle) Nature Scenes

Enjoy over 40 different feature length Nature Relaxation videos which present a fixed camera angle throughout their duration, allowing for complete immersion into the scene. Great for turning your screen into a moving piece of artwork or for meditation, each video contains only the pure natures sounds - no music.

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STATIC (Fixed Angle) Nature Scenes
  • Waves Crashing on Kauai Beach 1 HR Static Nature Scene

    Golden waves break on Kauai's gorgeous Polihale Beach at sunset, creating a stunning combination of sights and sounds. This video at full length has been seamlessly looped to last either 1, 2, or 4 hours, perfect for turning any TV or computer screen into a window to Hawaii. The calming and reju...

  • Yosemite Falls Forest Creek 1HR Static Nature Vid

    Transform your digital screen into a window to the majestic forests below Yosemite Falls in striking 4K UHD high definition with this 1 hour static (fixed angle) Nature Relaxation™ video. Filmed in the relaxing forests below the base of the falls, this video includes ultra-relaxing stereo nature ...

  • Living Landscapes 4HRs of Static Pure Nature Scenes

    "Living Landscapes" is a 4-hour long, flowing Nature Relaxation™ video containing 12 different gorgeous static nature scenes from around the world. Art meets function with this video designed to add an beauty & style to any room, while at the same time providing the benefits which stem from havin...

  • Coastal Paragliders at Sunset 1HR Static Nature Video

    A 1-hour long static (fixed camera angle) nature scene featuring the spectacular yet relaxing sights from a beautiful coastal overlook in Black's Beach near the Torrey Pines Gliderport, in La Jolla (San Diego.) Filmed in 4K on the world-class Canon 1DC in January 2015. More info: http://www.natur...

  • Havasu Falls Flowing 1 HR Static Nature Video Scene

    Transport any TV screen into an alive, flowing piece of visual artwork with this beautiful scene of Havasu Falls flowing in high definition and stereo audio. Hidden in a remote corner of the Grand Canyon lies Havasupai Indian Reservation, a spectacular blue-water oasis surrounded by a red rock c...

  • Caribbean Lagoon Beach 1 HR Static Nature Scene 4K

    The ultimate 4K UHD beach screensaver, this 1-hour long static Nature Relaxation™ video from Antigua is one of the best beach scenes yet! Feel the gentle warm Caribbean breeze blow the perfect clouds, while the sounds of birds, wind, and waves combine to create the ultimate relaxation effect, per...

  • Old Glory Flying 1 Hour 4K Static Nature Scene + Sounds - Catalina Island Flag

    This soothing 1-hour long fixed-angle film features a beautiful American flag flying gloriously in the wind as seen from the beautiful city of Avalon, on Catalina Island in Southern California. Filmed with a drone, it offers a unique perspective of Old Glory with a beautiful backdrop of boats, sn...

  • Iguazu Window 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation 1080p

    Transform your TV or digital device into a window to Iguazu Falls - the 8th wonder of the world - with this fixed-angle pure nature video scene by Nature Relaxation. Cool your senses as the sun and mists dance in the afternoon light.

  • Idyllic Island Paradise 2 HR Static Nature Relaxation Video

    This fixed-angle, idyllic tropical island scene filmed on a remote Fijian paradise is perfect for transforming any screen into a window to one of the world's most hidden and beautiful white-sandy beaches.

  • Blue Water, White Sand 6 HR Static Nature Scene

    (6 HR VERSION) Turn any TV or computer screen into a virtual window / nature video background showcasing one of the most relaxing sights there is: perfect blue water, white sand, waves, birds chirping, and sun shining. This video is perfect as a white noise / inspiring background while working, ...

  • Sunset Sierra Creek 1 Hr Static Nature Relaxation Video 1080p

    Relax for a full hour and transform any TV into a flowing, golden window to the high Sierra mountains with this fixed angle 4K UHD Nature Relaxation video captured along the John Muir Trail. It can be looped on REPEAT 1 so to last indefinitely!

  • Deep Blue Aquarium 1 Hr Static Nature Relaxation Vid 1080p

    Transform any digital screen into a vibrant, bustling window to the deep ocean with this 1 hour long, looping aquarium video featuring California Kelp forests and native Californian fish. DVD/ Download/ more info at

  • Glistening Forest Stream 1 HR Static Nature Video Scene

    The combination of sunlight, redwoods, crystal clear flowing water, and a lush green forest combine to create a powerful nature experience in this scene from Muir Woods, CA. It's as if you're laying down in the middle of it. Audio has been professionally enhanced for an experience that is truly...

  • Bixby Bridge Overlook 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Scene

    Turn any screen into an immensely relaxing window to the California Coast with this iconic blue-water coastal scene of Bixby Bridge. The sound of waves crashing and wind blowing from atop a coastal cliff completes the overall relaxation experience when combined with the brilliant blue waves cras...

  • Snowy Mountain River w MUSIC 1 HR Static 4K Nature Relaxation Video

    One of the most relaxing static scenes I have ever recorded, "Snowy Mountain River" presents a dazzling dynamic array of sights, sounds, and colors plus a gentle falling snow as winter begins to show her face in the mountains of Jasper National Park, Canada. Paired with some subtle yet healing cu...

  • Peaceful Patagonia Forest 1 HR Static Scene in 4K

    Transform your screen into a vibrant and calming virtual window to the peaceful forests surrounding the iconic Mount Fitz Roy, in Argentina's El Chalten. Originally filmed in 4K UHD

  • Red Rock Canyon Winds 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Scene from Argentina 4K

    Transform any digital screen to a colorful window to the remote yet majestic landscape of Northern Argentina, with the sounds of distant winds and birds chirping in 4K UHD

  • Zen River II 1 HR Static Nature Scene Shot in 4K

    A complimentary view and part II of the video scene Zen River, this video shows the crystal clear King River water flowing into the vibrant forest valley below.

  • Cabo Waves Crashing 1 HR Static Nature Scene Filmed in 4K

    Relax and let the rugged yet relaxing sounds of powerful waves breaking on a secluded white-sandy beach in Cabo San Lucas add a sense of calm to your environment with this 1 hour long 4K UHD video by Nature Relaxation.

  • Vineyard Flowers + Storm 30 Minute Static Nature Video

    Transform your TV screen into a lush vineyard in summertime as a distant thunderstorm and clouds pass on the horizon with this 35 minute 4K UHD Nature Relaxation video. Filmed in real time, this fixed-angle scene is perfect as an ambiance, great for adding a sense of beauty and serenity to any r...

  • Tropical Rain Relaxation (Remastered) 90 Minutes of Soothing Rain in Fiji

    Cool your senses with the sights and stereo sounds of a soothing tropical rain, in this extended length scene from Taveuni Island, Fiji (known as the Garden Island). To get the full effect, I recommend putting on your headphones! The storm slowly intensifies as the video continues, and makes for ...

  • Crystal Blue Waves 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Scene

    Transform your TV or monitor into a vividly blue and relaxing window to the glorious ocean, with this ultra high quality 4K video containing the sights & sounds of big waves breaking along a coastal pier on a perfect blue-sky day.

  • Coronado Beach Waves Part II 1 HR Static Nature Relaxation Video

    Transform your TV into an ultra high quality window to Coronado Beach, in San Diego California for one full hour with these two ultra immersive 4K pure nature videos shot in real time.. The soothing sounds of the waves breaking combine with breathtaking resolution to produce an effect that is at ...

  • Blue Water, White Sand 1 HR Mastered Nature Relaxation Video 1080p