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Animals/Wildlife Relaxation Films

Animals/Wildlife Relaxation Films

An exciting collection of nature relaxation™ ambient wildlife films including birds, sea life, & animals of the Africa and North America.

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Animals/Wildlife Relaxation Films
  • Peace in Patagonia (W Music) 10 Minute Dynamic Relaxation Video

    Relax as you are immersed for 10 minutes in one of South America's most beautiful natural destinations - Torres Del Paines, in Patagonia, Chile, where you will feel your stress melt away as worries transform into wonders. Featuring nature sounds and music by Tenaya and Steven Halpern, viewers wi...

  • Dolphin Voyage Relaxation HD 1 Hour Dynamic Relaxation Video w/ Music + Sound Healing

    Replace your worries with wonder as you journey into the deep blue calming ocean with a pod of friendly dolphins in this new 1-hour long film. "Dolphin Voyage Relaxation" is 1-hour long and features some spectacular underwater cinematography by Peter Schneider and a synergistic blend of audio inc...

  • Rainbow Reef Relaxation +Music 3HR Dynamic Film

    Rainbow Reef Relaxation is a 3-hour long, sweeping yet majestic & vibrant underwater journey to the world's most beautiful lagoons, as captured by Nature Relaxation collaborator Peter Schneider (Underwatercam) paired with ambient underwater sounds and brand new ambient music by the Cynic Project....

  • Deep Blue Aquarium (+ 1Music) Hr Static Nature Relaxation Vid 1080p w music HD

    This HD Nature Relaxation Static scene lasting 1 hour features the rhythmic, trance-inducing sights and sounds of an underwater California kelp forest. Cool blues and shades of light bounce off of the dancing kelp and schools of fish; underwater sounds paired with healing ambient music by Yellow ...

  • Deep Ocean Relaxation ©Nature Relaxation Video 1080p

    Transform any TV screen into a virtual aquarium to the ocean deep, with this ultra high definition nature relaxation video featuring several different amazing scenes: California Kelp forests, glowing jellyfish, schools of Tuna, and more. This new video is part of a new series of underwater relax...

  • Wildlife Wonders South America (No Music) 1HR Film

    In what is undoubtedly the most unique and breathtaking Nature Relaxation™ video to date, "Wildlife Wonders of South America" begins at sunrise in the Salar De Uyuni, where viewers will enjoy a vibrant array of flamingo and llama scenes from the unique high altitude volcanic salt lakes. From ther...

  • Andean Mountain Vicuña Family Relaxation 25 min Dynamic Video

    The first ever true wildlife instrumental documentary / relaxation video in 4K, this 25 minute instrumental cinematic video sequence tells a beautiful story of new life in the ruggedly beautiful high elevation desert mountains of Chile's San Pedro Atacama. Filmed aside a sparkling salt lake, vie...

  • Swimming With Dolphins 10 Minute Therapy / Inspirational Video

    Featuring an amazing collage of HD videos from Tahiti paired with perfect relaxing yet uplifting music by Tenaya and healing dolphin sounds, "Swimming with Dolphins" is a visually stunning nature experience designed to offer the benefits that stem from dolphin therapy. Featuring cinematography by...

  • A New Day in Big Sur 2 HR Dynamic Nature Relaxation Video

    In this 2 hour pure nature video you'll see a nice variety of new Big Sur locations angles as well as the icons such as Bixby Bridge, McWay Falls, and the Coastal Highway Route 1. This video features some native wildlife as well, including beautiful scenes of coastal horses and happy cows grazin...

  • Cannon Beach Birds 1080p V2

  • Deep Blue Aquarium 1 Hr Static Nature Relaxation Vid 1080p

    Transform any digital screen into a vibrant, bustling window to the deep ocean with this 1 hour long, looping aquarium video featuring California Kelp forests and native Californian fish. DVD/ Download/ more info at

  • Mountain Ram 1080p

  • Distant Mountain Fall & Goats music 1080p