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Free to Try Videos

A small yet stunning collection of Nature Relaxation's content to try it out before you buy. Like what you see? Subscribe for access to the complete collection!

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Free to Try Videos
  • "Peaceful Relaxation" 90 Second Relaxation Video Shot in 4K

    A short yet immensely relaxing 90 second journey into the wonders of Nature, "Peaceful Relaxation" is the perfect introduction and sneak peek showcasing a glimpse of Nature Relaxation's signature style for high quality, color, and artistic framing. Music by Ian Productions.

  • Snowy Mountain Dreamland 15 Min Nature Relaxation Drone Film 4K

    Prepare your senses to enter a magical white winter dreamland with this 15-minute ultra dynamic nature film showcasing some breathtaking, majestic mountain forest snow scenes paired with spa-style music for total relaxation.

    Edited by David Huting and music by Adi Goldstein (song name: Dreamy...

  • Autumn From Above 6 Min Aerial Film (NY & Vermont) + Classical Piano Music

    Relax and enjoy a peaceful voyage over majestic autumn-tinted forests of Vermont & upstate New York with this calming short Nature Relaxation film with classical piano music. Filmed by collaborator Noel Thomas, the fall vistas are an explosion of color and are best seen from the aerial perspecti...

  • New Zealand's Milford Sound 4K Nature Relaxation Short Film

    There is no place in the world like New Zealand's Milford Sound. While there, the best way to see the falls is by taking a boat ride onto the fjords. It's one of the rainiest places in the world but this results in an incredible display of hundreds of waterfalls falling from Lord of the Rings-sty...

  • French Caribbean Paradise 8 Min Aerial Drone Film w/ Music | Guadeloupe Island

    Let go of all your cares and worries as you experience the wonders of one of the Caribbean's most jaw-droppingly beautiful islands as seen from the bird's eye view thanks to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Paired with soothing guitar music and ocean sounds, and captured in stunning 4K ultra high definition...

  • "Rocky Mountain Majesty" 8 Minute Music Relaxation Video

    Transport your senses to the majestic autumn mountains of the Canadian Rockies and relax as Nature unveils herself in scene after glorious scene, with this brand new Nature Relaxation video synchronized with healing Reiki music by Parijat.

  • COSMOS: Space Odyssey 6 Minute Journey to Space

    "COSMOS: Space Odyssey" is a six-minute long visual journey into the depths of deep space which features an epic mix of Nasa's Hubble space videos synchronized to "Amen Tune", an instrumental amazing track by musician Aaron Static.

  • Just Breathe | 15 Min Guided Meditation with Music

    First of a new series of professional and powerful guided meditation videos from Nature Relaxation, "Just Breathe" is a simple introductory meditation introducing the basics of meditation: focusing on our breath and letting our thoughts not control us, so we can achieve a state of deep calm - som...

  • Scotland Highlands (No Music) 9 Min Dynamic Drone Film 4K

    [Music-free version]. Soar over the majestic Isle of Skye and experience the wonders of Scotland's Highlands with stereo nature sounds. Viewers will enjoy a raw and striking look at some of the most magical celtic landscapes, as captured by Nature Relaxation collaborator Stefan Zimmerman. Edited ...

  • Perfect Paradise Part I 1 HR Dynamic Nature Video

    After years of exploring on this earth, I at last discovered one of the the most beautiful islands in the world - and now I share it with you! It's a hidden little sandy palm-filled island oasis surrounded by a perfect lagoon located away from everything, in the middle of the South Pacific. (Hint...

  • Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation Short Music + Nature Relaxation Video

    Take a relaxing journey to the magical blue-green waters of the hidden Havasupai Indian Reservation, in Arizona. It's one of the most amazing natural wonders in the US (if not the world), as well as one of it's best kept secrets. It's a 10 mile hike through canyon valleys to get there, but it's ...

  • Autumn Aspen Valley Relaxation 10 MIN Music + Nature Video 4K

    Spend 10 minutes fully immersed in a spectacular autumn aspen forest hidden in a pristine wilderness area known as Paradise Valley, in Kings Canyon, California, featuring soothing ambient music by Darshan Ambient.

  • PARADISE - Fiji Islands 4 Minute Inspirational Short Music Video

    Can that indescribable feeling of being in paradise be encapsulated in a film? That was the attempt in this short inspirational instrumental nature video by David Huting. A light, fun, and vividly beautiful short synchronized Nature Relaxation™ multi-sensory immersion into the dazzling paradise t...

  • Alps & Dolomites 5 Minute Nature Relaxation Teaser 4K

    Relax and soar over the majestic Alps of Switzerland and Dolomites of Italy in this heavenly Nature Relaxation short aerial ambient film in 4K UHD. Paired to a brand new spacious ambient score by the Cynic Project, this majestic 5 minute video offers viewers a short yet soothing escape to two of...