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Access all of the Nature Relaxation music videos that are under 15 minutes, perfect for short relaxation sessions.

  • Winter Wonder 2022 + A Christmas Message from Nature Relaxation

    Relax and enjoy a short yet stunning video collage of wintery video scenes from around the world, synchronized to the song "Wonder" by collaborator Travis Revell. It ends with a special holiday message from NRF and the team:) Merry Christmas!

  • COSMOS: Space Odyssey 6 Minute Journey to Space

    "COSMOS: Space Odyssey" is a six-minute long visual journey into the depths of deep space which features an epic mix of Nasa's Hubble space videos synchronized to "Amen Tune", an instrumental amazing track by musician Aaron Static.

  • French Caribbean Paradise 8 Min Aerial Drone Film w/ Music | Guadeloupe Island

    Let go of all your cares and worries as you experience the wonders of one of the Caribbean's most jaw-droppingly beautiful islands as seen from the bird's eye view thanks to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Paired with soothing guitar music and ocean sounds, and captured in stunning 4K ultra high definition...

  • New Zealand's Milford Sound 4K Nature Relaxation Short Film

    There is no place in the world like New Zealand's Milford Sound. While there, the best way to see the falls is by taking a boat ride onto the fjords. It's one of the rainiest places in the world but this results in an incredible display of hundreds of waterfalls falling from Lord of the Rings-sty...

  • Peace in Patagonia (W Music) 10 Minute Dynamic Relaxation Video

    Relax as you are immersed for 10 minutes in one of South America's most beautiful natural destinations - Torres Del Paines, in Patagonia, Chile, where you will feel your stress melt away as worries transform into wonders. Featuring nature sounds and music by Tenaya and Steven Halpern, viewers wi...

  • Ocean of Peace: Australia by Drone 7 MIN Dynamic Film with Music

    The first of a new collaboration between Nature Relaxation Films and Cast Adrift Productions, "Ocean of Peace" sweeps viewers on a visually stunning & immensely soothing aerial voyage over The Granites Beach in South Australia - paired with music and ambient nature sounds.

  • Scotland Highlands 9 Min Dynamic Drone Film + Music 4K

    Soar over the majestic Isle of Skye and experience the wonders of Scotland's Highlands with this short 10 minute aerial film captured by Nature Relaxation collaborator Stefan Zimmerman. Music by Manu Zain; Edited by David Huting & Stefan Zimmerman.

  • Incredible Coastal Sunset 4K San Diego 10 Minute Dynamic Nature Scene

    Experience the most amazing sunset I have ever captured in 4K ultra high definition with "Incredible Coastal Sunset" a 10-minute long real-time nature scene filmed on Coronado Beach in San Diego California.

  • Swimming With Dolphins 10 Minute Therapy / Inspirational Video

    Featuring an amazing collage of HD videos from Tahiti paired with perfect relaxing yet uplifting music by Tenaya and healing dolphin sounds, "Swimming with Dolphins" is a visually stunning nature experience designed to offer the benefits that stem from dolphin therapy. Featuring cinematography by...

  • Autumn From Above 6 Min Aerial Film (NY & Vermont) + Classical Piano Music

    Relax and enjoy a peaceful voyage over majestic autumn-tinted forests of Vermont & upstate New York with this calming short Nature Relaxation film with classical piano music. Filmed by collaborator Noel Thomas, the fall vistas are an explosion of color and are best seen from the aerial perspecti...

  • Natures Glory HD Mastered Nature Relaxation Video

    Designed to fill you with inspiration thanks to the glory of Nature, this synchronized 4K Nature Relaxation™ music video features an expansive collage of beautiful scenes of Nature from some of the world's most breathtaking places throughout the US, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and Mexico. The musi...

  • Balboa Park, San Diego Filmed in 4K - 10 Min Dynamic Nature Film

    Enjoy a short yet soothing tour of San Diego's famous Balboa Park as seen from both the aerial and on-the-ground perspective. You'll see stunning architecture, vibrant colors, and dozens of visitors enjoying a sunny day in the park - paired with calming piano music by a new brazil-based musician ...

  • Calming Beach Walk (+Music) Australia 12 MIN Film

    A relaxing 12-minute "virtual" coastal walk along the secluded, beautiful Long Beach on Australia's South Coast - paired with ocean sounds and music by new contributor Karl Ölluk. CREDITS:
    Filmed by Des Manning in 4K UHD
    Produced by David Huting
    Location: Long Beach, Kingston, South Australia

  • Colorful Coastal Journey (+Music) 4K Virtual Hike & Flight - California Coast

    Captured only a few days ago while driving California's scenic Highway 1 just north of Big Sur, this "virtual hike" lasts 18 minutes and allows viewers to enjoy all the views offered on the coastal bluff walk, without having to move! It also features some aerial footage to help really get a feel ...

  • Bryce Canyon TIMELAPSE 10 Min + Music Shot in 4K

    Relax for ten minutes and feel the stress melt thanks to the majesty of Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah with this 4K Nature Relaxation video. The music is a selection from a new original composition by artist Frantz Amathy created specifically for Nature Relaxation.

  • Dawn Shimmers in Hawaii Short Dynamic Music Video

    Enjoy a short yet ultra-relaxing journey along the peaceful shores of Hawaii's Napali Coast, on Kauai, paired with beautiful ambient music by Deuter.

  • Eternity | 6-Minute Instrumental Timelapse Film

    "Eternity" is an immensely relaxing musical timelapse journey through the wonders of Alberta, Canada's Banff and Jasper National Parks, including the famous Icefield Parkway. The timelapse videos are all sped up from the real-time 1-hour long video "Rocky Mountain Majesty" [

  • Return to Nature | a short film & teaser

    A powerful short film designed to uplift audiences and offer a preview of the quality of videos available from Nature Relaxation. It's a reminder of the importance of our connection with Nature, and to replace worries with wonders.

  • "Glacial Voyage Relaxation" 11 MIN Dynamic Nature + Music Video

    Prepare your senses for the ultimate relaxation experience with this 11 minute Nature Relaxation™ video voyage to Argentina's famous Perito Moreno Glacier. You'll begin at the shore and slowly move to the top of the glacier, only to next be transported to a small boat right at the base of it, whe...

  • Iguazu Falls: Brace Yourself Short Music Video

    Experience the world's most powerful and majestic waterfalls in 4K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION with this inspirational, heart-pumping nature video by David Huting - synchronized to the powerful score "Brace Yourself" by musician Travis Revell. Warning: the power of nature contained in this video will l...

  • A Peaceful Snow Short 4 MIN Winter Music Video HD 1080p

    Get into the snowy spirit with this calming, snowy visual journey through the wondrous Rocky Mountains of Canada. Get cozy and grab a cup of hot chocolate and prepare to be relaxed through the beauty of winter in the mountains:) To make this video happen, I endured some freezing cold weather whil...

  • America's Beautiful West 6 Minute Inspirational Video w Music

    Relax, rejuvenate, & stimulate your senses on a visual journey across America's beautiful West, all synchronized to a wonderfully uplifting, spiritual track by Darshan Ambient. This video was created to help you wake up & take inspiration from the magical glory of Mother Nature.

  • Dreams of Nature Relaxation Short Music Video ft Travis Revell

    Take a few minutes and let your senses get the best of you as you are carried on a high-def visual journey to some of the world's most relaxing yet inspirational locations, to a brand new custom made music score by Travis Revell. It will likely give you dreams of Nature Relaxation....

  • Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation Short Music + Nature Relaxation Video

    Take a relaxing journey to the magical blue-green waters of the hidden Havasupai Indian Reservation, in Arizona. It's one of the most amazing natural wonders in the US (if not the world), as well as one of it's best kept secrets. It's a 10 mile hike through canyon valleys to get there, but it's ...