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Nature Relaxation films featuring a static (fixed angle) camera angle, allowing for complete immersion into the scene. Great for turning your screen into a moving piece of artwork, screensaver or for meditation.

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  • Gentle Rain - 9HRS | 4K with Nature Sounds

    Do you love the sound of falling rain? If so, this new 9 hour film is for you! Featuring a beautiful compilation of 4K rain scenes, "Gentle Rain" is perfect background content to turn on all day or all night long.

  • Pacific Beach Vista 2 HR Real Time Nature Relaxation Scene in 4K

    Relax on the shores of summer-soaked San Diego with this unique 2 hour real-time static video showcasing the Pacific Beach area in 4k UHD.

  • Golden Waves Crashing at Sunset 1HR Static Scene

    Relax on the shores of the iconic Baker Beach in San Francisco with this stunning sunset scene filmed in high definition. Offering beautiful views of the Marin headlands and the Golden Gate bridge, it is a perfect never-ending screensaver video.

  • Tropical Lagoon Vista 1 HR Static Scene - Antigua, Caribbean

    Relax and enjoy a stunning static scene of palms, lagoon, and clouds with distant mountains as seen from the tropical island of Antigua.

  • Above & Below the Caribbean 1HR Nature Relaxation Scene in HD

    Relax as you float above and below the surface of a beautiful underwater kelp forest in the Caribbean, with this stunning 1 hour static scene featuring swimming fish, passing clouds, and sunshine glistening. Filmed by Tilo & Yvonne Kühnast.

  • Snowy River 1HR Nature Relaxation Scene HD

  • Paradise Beach 1 Hour Static 4K Nature Scene - Blue Lagoon, Fiji

    Transform your TV or digital screen into an ultra-relaxing window to paradise with this new 4K UHD Nature Relaxation scene. Complete with stereo sounds of the waves lapsing and palms blowing in the wind, "Paradise Beach" presents a stunning white sandy beach scene complete with azure blue lagoons...

  • Lake Tahoe Shoreline Rocks + Waves 1HR 4K Nature Scene

    Transport yourself to the iconic crystal blue shoreline of Lake Tahoe as you let your feet soak in the cool healing waters along a rugged rocky point. Listen as the sound of the water splashing on the rocks washes away any worries you might have, and then as you expand your horizons, notice the d...

  • Soothing Croatia Waterfall 1HR Static Scene in 4K

    Transform any screen into a flowing window to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia with this fixed-angle scene featuring blue water, flowing falls, birds chirping and plants & trees blowing in the breeze.

  • Crystal Waterfall Flowing in Croatia 1HR Static Nature Scene in 4K

    This 1 hour long fixed-angle nature scene is designed to transform any screen into a living screensaver, complete with crystal blue water, magical cascading waterfalls, trees and wind blowing in the breeze - all set to a backdrop of soothing water sounds and birds chirping. It's the ultimate sta...

  • Rainy Iceland Waterfall 1HR Static Nature Scene in 4K

    Cool your senses down with some pure Iceland vibes with this 1 hour fixed-angle scene of a stunning waterfall in iceland flowing in the midst of some soothing rain and fog. The sound of the rain mixed with the distant waterfall makes for some great white noise and the quality is so sharp, viewers...

  • Palm Vista 1HR Static Scene in 4K - Hamilton Island, Australia

    Instantly transport yourself to a beachfront cabana looking skyward at a set of super healthy palm trees gently blowing in the wind with this 1 hour static scene in 4K UHD. Filmed on Hamilton Island, Australia, it offers a soothing screensaver-type experience, complete with the gentle sounds of w...

  • Hamilton Island Palms Australia 1 Hour Static Scene in 4K

    Relax and soak up the tropical breeze with this stunning palm & coastal vista from the famous Hamilton Island, Australia. Sunlight flickers through the fronds and the waves roll in onto the distant beach, make for an ultra relaxing static scene complete with stereo nature sounds.

  • White Sand, Blue Water & Waves - Fiji 1 HR Static Nature Scene

    An idyllic tropical island Nature Relaxation™ scene that lasts for 1 hour of real-time in 4K, "White Sand, Blue Water & Waves" instantly transforms any screen into a rejuvenating and vibrant window to paradise. The scene is the first footage I have released since re-visiting the tiny island Nanuk...

  • Morning Sun Hitting Yosemite Falls 30 Min Static Video

    Watch as the morning sunlight slowly casts its golden light onto the majestic Upper Yosemite Falls, with this 4K ultra high definition real-time nature video featuring stereo sounds captured along the falls trail. It's perfect for meditating or for transforming your TV into a window to one of No...

  • Blue Lagoon Vista 2 Hour Static 4K Nature Scene - Fiji Islands

    Relax and enjoy an exquisitely detailed, colorful, and calming scene of a Palm Tree blowing behind an azure blue sky and teal-blue lagoons resting atop a white sandy beach. It was filmed near the world famous Blue Lagoon beach in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji, and offers a full two hours of pure rel...

  • Yosemite Falls Forest Creek 1HR Static Nature Vid

    Transform your digital screen into a window to the majestic forests below Yosemite Falls in striking 4K UHD high definition with this 1 hour static (fixed angle) Nature Relaxation™ video. Filmed in the relaxing forests below the base of the falls, this video includes ultra-relaxing stereo nature ...

  • 4K Crackling Fireplace - 4 Hour Static Nature Scene + Sounds

    Relax for four full hours this holiday season and any other time you'd like to create a warming & calming ambiance featuring the real life sights and sounds of a crackling fireplace filmed in 4K ultra high definition. Perfect for entertaining during the winter season, it features stereo cracklin...

  • Mountain Lake Sunset Reflection 1 Hour Static Nature Scene - Banff Nat'l Park

    This fixed-angle Perfect as a screensaver or to create a background ambiance, this static 1-hour scene from Banff National Park features a stunning view of a beautiful glacier-fed lake at sunset. Filmed in ultra high definition, it's a scene worth gazing at. Paired with the audio are stereo natur...

  • Zen garden pond 4k Nature Relaxation

    Transform any TV screen into a calming, beautiful Zen garden with occasional Koi fish, falling leaves, and the sights & sounds of a trickling small waterfall with this 1-hour long static 4K Nature Relaxation video from some beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens.

  • Napali Coast Waves II - 1HR Static Nature Relaxation Scene from Kauai, Hawaii

    Relax and enjoy the soothing sights and sounds from Kauai's famous NaPali coast for 1 full hour with this new fixed-angle scene, complete with stereo nature sounds of distant waves and birds chirping. Captured along the Kalalau Trail by David Huting.

  • Spring Poppy Field 1HR Static Nature Scene in 4K - Antelope Valley, California

    Transform your screen into a window looking out into a vibrant spring field of poppies after a super-bloom, as seen in California's Antelope Valley. Filmed in 4K UHD and featuring calming nature sounds, it is a great way to add some color and calmness to any space; thanks to the subtle motion of ...

  • Turquoise Mountain Lake (no music) 1 Hr Static Nature Relaxation HD

    Transform any screen into an ultra high definition window to the famous mountains of Patagonia, with this fixed-angle Nature Relaxation™ video filmed at the base of Mount Fitz Roy, on the border of Argentina and Chile. Enjoy the sound of peaceful small waves lapsing on shore as you watch the sun ...

  • Coastal Spring Flowers Big Sur 1 Hour 4K Static Nature Scene

    Turn your TV screen into a window to springtime as it looks right now in Big Sur with "Coastal Spring Flowers" - a brand new 1 hour real-time static Nature Relaxation™ scene. Filmed less than 2 weeks ago, this stunning 4K ultra high definition nature scene from California's most gorgeous stretch...