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Enjoy the collection of Nature Relaxation videos featuring timelapse videos around around the world.

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  • Starscapes II 1HR Nature Relaxation 4K Ambient Film

    Using the latest state-of-the-art cameras that have been astro-modified (to detect the hydrogen nebulas emissions in deep space) we have created very unique and vivid timelapses of our Milky Way galaxy and the major constellations. For the first time ever, witness the Orion constellation and neb...

  • DREAMSCAPES - 2 Hour Dynamic Astro/Timelapse/Drone Film + Music

    Sit back, relax, and embark on a vibrantly beautiful journey to some of the world's most famous and unique colorful locations, filmed in stunning ultra high definition 4K HDR and paired with a super relaxing ambient music soundtrack featuring soft instrumental tones a & healing vocals by Relax Mo...

  • New York City - 25 Minute Timelapse Film in 4K UHD

    This groundbreaking ambient time-lapse film of New York City was filmed over two years, and is mastered in HDR 10 bit color to bring you the most immersive viewing experience available with todays technology. We’ve captured all of the most iconic and breathtaking views of New York City, and a num...

  • Starscapes (8 Hour Version) AstroLapse 4K Nature Relaxation Film

    STARSCAPES is our first feature length ambient astro timelapse film, and presents the Milky Way galaxy and stars as never seen before. This version has been extended to 8 hours for all-night or all-day playback:) Thanks to ultra high definition, viewers will enjoy sweeping scenes of the stars mov...

  • Crystal Pier Sunset Clouds Timelapse 4K Video

    Watch the beauty of a 2 hour long San Diego sunset scene from Pacific Beach sped up more than 1,500% to last just 5 minutes. Paired with the song "Horizons" by Dan Sieg Horizons (Stendahl Remix) [Silk Music], its perfect for a chillout / ambiance video that also keeps your energy levels at high t...

  • Bryce Canyon TIMELAPSE 10 Min + Music Shot in 4K

    Relax for ten minutes and feel the stress melt thanks to the majesty of Bryce Canyon National Park, in Utah with this 4K Nature Relaxation video. The music is a selection from a new original composition by artist Frantz Amathy created specifically for Nature Relaxation.

  • Eternity | 6-Minute Instrumental Timelapse Film

    "Eternity" is an immensely relaxing musical timelapse journey through the wonders of Alberta, Canada's Banff and Jasper National Parks, including the famous Icefield Parkway. The timelapse videos are all sped up from the real-time 1-hour long video "Rocky Mountain Majesty" [

  • Drawing Mountain Inspiration Short Uplifting Nature + Music Video

    Experience the majestic sights of the Rocky mountains of Canada with this captivating 60FPS timelapse Nature Relaxation™ video, synchronized to the music and designed to fill you with a sense of inspiration drawn directly from the mountains. Filmed & edited by David Huting, featuring the track "...

  • America's Beautiful West 6 Minute Inspirational Video w Music

    Relax, rejuvenate, & stimulate your senses on a visual journey across America's beautiful West, all synchronized to a wonderfully uplifting, spiritual track by Darshan Ambient. This video was created to help you wake up & take inspiration from the magical glory of Mother Nature.

  • Sleepless in Paradise - Chillout Lounge Video Timelapse 45MIN

    Relax to an awesome upbeat yet relaxing mix paired with a timelapsed version of "A Day in Paradise"